Florida black and white photographs


Clouds looming like mountains, sunlight shining through the rain, the Everglades and Biscayne Bay opening up to the Atlantic Ocean. Florida is an exciting dramatic showcase for the forces and beauty of nature.


Vizcaya black and white photographs

North Carolina

Everyone seems to feel at home in North Carolina because of it's display of nature at it's purest. This part of our magnificent country brings out our own deep roots in the woods, the water, the air, and the sky.


Tennessee black and white photographs


Tennessee and the mountains are inseparable. It is not just the vistas and valleys but the culture of the mountains that create the beauty of this state. The arts are essential to the life of the people who call it home.


New England black and white photographs

New England

With it's rocky coasts, old homes, and churches from the earliest years of our beautiful country, New England is not a revised version of Britain but a uniquely American collection of villages, towns, cities, forests, rivers, and people.